Eden Rehabilitation Hospital

For our Patients

Are you a patient or soon-to-be patient? Here is all of the information you need to know about staying at Eden Rehabilitation Hospital.

What to bring

  •    casual and comfortable day clothing suitable for therapy
  •    Flat and supportive shoes
  •    night attire
  •    swimming costumes for hydrotherapy if required
  •    personal toiletries
  •    mobility aids
  •    current medications and drug prescriptions
  •    spectacles and hearing aids
  •    reading material.

For the Family

We understand that not everyone lives close by. Your family's involvement  and support of your rehabilitation program is invaluable. Should distance be a prohibiting factor for your family member, we may be able to assist with the provision of transport to and from home when visiting Eden Rehabilitation Hospital.

Onsite visitor accommodation is also available at Eden at a modest cost. If this is of interest to you, please contact our staff and we will happily provide details of price and availability.

Should your friends or family members wish to dine with you during your stay at Eden, we will happily provide meals at a reasonable cost.

Going Home

Your length of stay at Eden Rehabilitation Hospital and your subsequent discharge home will depend on a number of factors including:

  •    progress towards achieving therapy goals
  •    m
edical stability and your ability to safely manage at home
  •    h
ome environment and in-home community care support needs.

 A member of our therapy team will work closely with you and your family to assess the support services required for you to return home safely (such as community nursing, meals on wheels, follow up allied health). This may involve a home visit by one of our Occupational Therapists.

In-home support services will be arranged prior to your discharge home to ensure a smooth transition from hospital.


A laundry service can be provided by the hospital at a reasonable cost if required. Please ensure clothing is clearly labelled.


From 1 January 2015, smoking is banned at all Queensland public and private hospitals and health facilities, and for 5 metres beyond their boundaries.

These no-smoking laws apply at all times, to all staff and patient areas on healthcare facility land, and include the use of all smoking products, including regular cigarettes and devices commonly known as electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes).

Eden Rehabilitation Hospital does not provide access to any smoking areas or facilities however we will endeavor to assist you in anyway possible to quit smoking whilst you are a patient with us. 


Eden Rehabilitation Hospital has agreements with all health funds and is a Tier One Provider with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Accounts for medical, x-ray and pathology services are billed separately by the relevant service provider. 

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Please see the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights.


During your hospital stay, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on your stay. We take your feedback seriously and use it to enhance the care we provide to our patients.

Complaints related to the healthcare received at Eden can be made directly to the on-site General Manager either by phone, in person or in writing. All complaints are treated as confidential and addressed quickly.