Eden Rehabilitation Hospital

Heart health a priority at Eden

22 November 2016

Eden Rehabilitation Hospital offers an advanced Cardiac Reconditioning program for people recovering from a cardiac event, surgery or who suffer from a known cardiac condition.

The program aims to recondition participants to maximise physical, psychological, and social functioning, improve quality of life and increase independence.

Accredited Exercise Physiologist, John Turnbull (pictured) said the program introduces and encourages behaviour modification strategies to minimise the risk of further cardiac events as well as teaching participants how to exercise independently to maintain a healthy heart.

“Eden’s Cardiac Reconditioning program also helps to improve strength and functional well-being and shorten recovery time to facilitate a faster return to normal routine,” he said.

“This is achieved through individually-tailored exercise programs, devised after a comprehensive physical and clinical assessment, and completed under close supervision from an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Clinical Nurse.

“Our education sessions are run in conjunction with exercise and provide up-to-date topics relevant for people recovering from a heart procedure or condition.”

Cardiac program participant Colin Thompson’s (pictured) GP referred him to Eden’s Cardiac Reconditioning program after he suffered a heart attack in March 2016.

“When I came to Eden I had difficulty walking and standing. I also needed to get my mental health in order,” he said.

“I have always been very active playing football throughout my life. I had never been to a gym but the Cardiac Reconditioning program is a very safe environment with a wonderful atmosphere and a great feeling. It provides exercise support, education and medical assistance to patients in the group.

“What I enjoy most about the Cardiac Reconditioning program is the camaraderie among participants.

“I am very grateful for the support. I feel like a different person and am physically feeling a lot better.”

The Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association believe cardiac rehabilitation is a critical step in a heart patient’s journey.

There is a 26 per cent reduction in mortality, an 18 per cent reduction in readmissions and improved quality of life for participants.

Eden’s Cardiac Reconditioning program is run twice a week for two hours, over a six to eight week period depending on the requirements of the individual.

For more information on the program please phone Eden Rehabilitation Hospital’s Day Therapy Unit on 5472 6472. Or to refer a patient to the program please contact Eden’s Referral Manager on 5472 6493 or fax a referral to 5447 7592.